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Micah House


Micah House works in Ontario, Canada and provides a short-term home for people seeking asylum from danger, terror and persecution. Micah House helps refugee claimants when they arrive in Canada, providing specific assistance to bring direction and hope to their circumstances.

Whilst in Canada we have met the staff of Micah House and Alison, the Program Director, introduced us to some of their clients who were undergoing refugee applications. Our interaction with these people persuaded sincere compassion in us towards refugees and heavily influenced the pro-hospitality message of Status:Welcomed. 

Visit our 52 Week Challenge page to find out more about our creative pro-hospitality response.

We were privileged to be asked to document the reunion of one of Micah House's clients with his family last year. 

Adonis Musati Project (AMP)


Adonis Musati Project (AMP) works in Cape Town, South Africa to empower marginalised refugees and migrants. To do this AMP creates sustainable support networks, called the Peer Support Group Programme, to integrate migrant communities so that individuals support each other and contribute positively to South African society.

Whilst in South Africa we volunteered for AMP and were thoroughly impressed with the work that they do. Their Peer Support Groups respond to the mental and emotional needs a refugee may have as a result of fleeing and journeying from their home country. AMP taught us that it is unfair to expect refugees to integrate healthily into society without offering support and assistance during their transition process.

Our 52 Week Challenge was influenced by Peer Support Group success stories.

Brantford Cares

Two sisters saw the need when the refugee crisis began and decided to do something about it. Watch the video of Sharon Vandenenden whom started Brantford Cares.

Welcome to Canada


Scott Jones is the Executive Director of Micah House, a short term residence for newly arrived refugees in Canada.

Learn about how Jones was impacted by helping refugees.