The vision of PhotogenX (also known as Voice for the Voiceless) is to use media as a tool for community transformation so that issues of today will progress towards being issues of history. PhotogenX seeks to capture the people and places of every nation in the world, showing off their beauty but not masking their pain, as well as advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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The Around the World Track was created by PhotogenX to build bridges between those moved with compassion and those experiencing injustice. Since 2007 five different photojournalism teams have been sent out for 18 months of travel, researching different social injustices with cameras in hand. Each team has ended their travels with projects aimed at raising awareness of a certain issue. 




Rags and Riches was a team of eight photojournalists that travelled together around the world. They were impacted by the masses of people that poverty led under bridges, to orphanages, to red light districts and to slums. In response, they sought to tell stories of how ordinary people have helped better the circumstances of those in poverty.




Through their book Rags and Riches: Changed Perspectives Changed Lives this team allows you to get to know the people that they met, challenging you to be inspired to finish building an orphanage in the Amazon jungle, to rescue girls trapped behind windows or to love an orphaned child. Their challenge is for you to put yourself is the shoes of one who lives within poverty. Changing your perspective is the first step to changing a life.

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Tainted was a team of nine photojournalists who travelled together around five continents. Amongst the injustices that they saw, this team were impacted by how a child is affected when growing up surrounded by suffering.





Tainted: A Lost Innocence is a book that tells the stories of five different children facing five different injustices. The team felt that these specific children strongly represented countless others with similar stories. They chose to focus their attention on children because in many situations, a child is born into their circumstances with no knowledge or hope of a better future. Tainted: A Lost Innocence believes that as children are the future, we need to start with breaking the cycle of injustice at the youngest generation.



Broken was a team of ten photojournalists whose travels led them to every inhabitable continent. They witnessed life in red light districts and war-torn nations, discovering different people's realities of 'home'. 







Broken: A Call to Restore the House of Humanity is a book created to call each of us to step out and fight against brokenness within families, responding to a hurting people. Their photography displays both the beauty and breakdown of our world.

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Act Here. Love Now. was a team of eleven photojournalists who each had the vision of changing the world. They travelled through 36 countries documenting the lives of those they met, feeling overwhelmed with the needs that confronted them along the way.






Act Here. Love Now. is a book created to inspire each of us to realise that we can make a difference through simple acts of genuine love. Their challenge is delivered through stories, photography and practical suggestions of how to impact your own community, city and thus, the world. 



Sex+Money were the first Around the World Track team to be sent out. After their year of travels they created a book that focused on human trafficking internationally. Their book, Sex+Money: A Global Search for Human Worth offers its readers a global perspective on the consequences of abusing two of the most powerful forces in the world: sex and money.






A few members of this team decided to continue their advocacy and research once discovering that sexual exploitation thrives within their own country: USA. They created a feature-length documentary called Sex+Money: A National Search for Human Worth where they travelled throughout the United States in an RV bus seeking to better understand trafficking and what is being done to stop it.

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