It's no secret, we hope that our website causes an array of responses amongst you, anything from increased awareness to corrected assumptions to stirred compassion to wanting to get involved.

Prayer is a great response too and for those that have read our photo stories, here are our suggestions for how to pray for these people affected by injustice and hardship 


  • Pray for refugees to find hope and restoration from the despair and persecution from which they have fled
  • Pray for an end to the violence and poverty that displaces so many from their homes and homelands
  • Pray for political leaders to implement policies that allow safe migration and just working conditions for migrants while protecting national safety
  • Pray that the Church would be unified and a place that celebrates different cultures and nationalities


  • Pray for more land to be secured, purchased or donated to Ache communities. The area of land that they currently own is inadequate for both today and future demographic growth
  • Pray for the young Ache generation to grow with passion for preserving their tribe's language and traditions
  • Pray for Paraguay to grow in its value for its indigenous tribes and that the native people would be listened to and treated with respect
  • Pray for the Ache Christians. Pray for wise, godly leaders and for the Ache to grow in their knowledge of God


  • Pray for countries to prioritise just systems of land ownership for all its peoples, where home owners and slum dwellers have equal access to the rights of their land
  • Pray for governments to prioritise being true to their word
  • Pray for protection over children growing in unstable environments, that they would be moulded with a sense of community and joy
  • Pray for the poor to be heard and to be treated fairly


  • Pray for creative job opportunities for undocumented migrants that are just and fair
  • Pray for political stability in Myanmar and for peace between Myanmar’s different ethnic groups
  • Pray for hope for the undocumented migrants in Thailand and for the people in need to be connected with the NGOs that seek to aid them
  • Pray for undocumented migrants in Thailand to find acceptance and friendship


  • Pray for protection over the children that grow up in vulnerable living situations. Pray that they would be hidden from anyone with ill intentions and that they would have good health despite their surroundings
  • Pray for compassion towards the homeless and for opportunities to hear firsthand the stories of those who live in vulnerable living situations
  • Pray for homeless people to have the option of living in safer surroundings
  • Pray that the homeless would know that they are loved and adored by their Creator