We were a team of three photojournalism students who travelled for 21 months within 6 continents. With cameras in hand we sought to research displacement and the hardships that refugees face by hearing from the people affected.

Throughout our travels we were impacted by discovering how burdensome the process of integration can be for someone who has experienced trauma both in their country of origin and in transit.

In response we created a movement of hospitality towards refugees that challenges our indifference and inspires empathy.



Catherine Penn: 23,

star gazer • letter writer • barefoot adventurer 

"I've become passionate about showing people their worth through relationship and investing in them in personal ways."

Idun Skåre: 23,

film photographer • light packer • night owl

"Our time travelling has taught me the importance of each individual's story. My view of the people around me has been challenged and has started to change."



Bethan Uitterdijk: 25,
question asker • story teller • avid traveller

"I’m noticing my innate default to feel numb and incapable in the face of injustice. I travel to confront this tendency, adding heart to issues by meeting and listening to the people affected."


Eric Samuels: 27, USA

Eric is passionate about both photo and video and was an important member of the team for the first year of our travels. 


We are a team of three photojournalism interns who recently completed the School of Photographic Communication with Youth with a Mission in Kona, Hawaii.

In our school, we heard about Status: Welcomed and the amazing work Catherine, Idun and Bethan did for the last two years.

We were invited to continue their work for the next three months in Brantford, Ontario and got really excited about it. So we all decided to commit and work with refugees and for refugee organizations.




Emylee Bogart: 23, United States

Emylee is passionate about people and really takes time to listen to their stories. She stands for justice and loves to teach others about it.

Judith Recknagel: 27, Germany

Judith brings joy to people’s lives through her sense of humor, adventurous spirit and compelling ideas. She invests her time into helping others accomplish their set goals and dreams in humble servantship. She finds light to capture the beauty of people.

Michaela Betz: 25, Germany

Michaela serves others with passion, integrity and love. She values honesty, relationship and diligence. She is moved to compassion and action when people reveal their painful situations.