This is the last post on the blog, at least for now. It has been almost a year since Emylee, Judith and I (Michaela) came to Brantford, Canada to continue Status:Welcomed that Idun, Catherine and Bethan started. Our goal was to take pictures and write stories of refugees and staff and volunteers of organizations that reach out to the displaced and welcome them in. We wrote this blog about our experience and journey over the three months that we were in Brantford and wanted to inspire and inform you on how to get engaged with refugees.

We will keep the website online and hope that it will be a great resource for you; to learn how to build relationship with refugees and asylum seekers, to participate in the 52 Challenges and embrace the displaced.

If you are looking for more on Status:Welcomed then check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Our hopes is that this project will live far beyond us.

Thank you so much for being a part of this!