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The Colombian family sent in an application for Refugee Status in August 2013. Micah House helped them move into an apartment, in October, even though the application was denied.

Julio’s medical condition wasn’t getting any better and he wouldn’t be able to get proper medical care in Colombia. So, they made a Humanitarian and Compassionate request, in September 2014. The family had two very, organized binders thanks to Mary’s education in Commercial Accounting. The binders had several hundred pages which explained the reasons why they couldn’t go back to Columbia, Julio’s critical medical condition and their now integrated lives. They waited over a year to hear back for results.

Not long before we met the family though they got great news. Their Humanitarian and Compassionate request was accepted which means they can stay in Canada. Now they are able to work towards their dreams, to pursue higher education which is especially important for the future of their daughters. Alana really likes science. Her dream is to study biology at the University when she finishes school. Her mother, Mary would also like to continue her education in accounting. She hopes to improve her English though before she starts. In order to accomplish her goal, she takes English classes, Monday through Friday. The classes are challenging as they are only taught in English and she is the only Spanish speaker.

Other than education and health care, the family really loves their new home in Canada. They like the snow, friendly people, and peaceful life. Mary loves taking photos, as we do. She showed us some beautiful ones she took of her daughter Alana.

We really enjoyed getting to know this lovely family who made us feel welcomed each time that we visited them. Mary has the same love of photography, as we do. She showed us some beautiful ones she took of her daughter Alana. We are so happy that they are able to call Canada their home. We wish them all the best.

This story was written with information based on interviews. Names were also changed for safety reasons.