Whenever I feel overwhelmed with the whole refugee situation in my country and around the world, it helps me to just meet one person and let them tell me about their life.

Whether it´s what the person went through or just the simple steps of success, hopes and dreams. They can be so close to the dreams we all have. It leaves me touched, impressed and thankful. Suddenly I don't see the overwhelming political situation. It´s not my job to make political decisions anyways, but to embrace the person. I see someone that I could be. Like the young family who struggles to get papers to go to the doctor for their baby or the family father who is so thankful to be one of the lucky ones who brought his whole family to a safe country without leaving someone behind or  the young woman who is not a child anymore but who sometimes needs advice about life from a mum because her own mum is far away. These are not just examples, these people actually exist. I met every single one of them and many more. An overwhelming political situation can look so different when you take the first step and meet one person!