This is part two of Noor´s story. You can read more of her story if you scroll down.

When I was 12, my father died suddenly! I thought he was just sleeping since I had never seen a dead person before. I loved my father a lot. I wish he were still alive! He was a good man and one of his favorite statements was: “Love the people, this is the important thing!’’ He was very rich, but he didn’t consider himself too good to sit on the floor with his friends and eat. He saw the person. One of the things he taught me was to share. He used to tell me: “If you have a chocolate and someone next to you doesn’t, break it and share.’’

After he died, I lived alone in the big house. God protected me from harm.

I worked as an hairdresser which is what I always wanted. However, in my country hairdressers were often seen as prostitutes, and many people don’t want their daughter to work in this business. People called me a bad person and family members said that they don’t know me anymore. One uncle pointed a gun at me and said, “Stop doing this or I will kill you!’’ There was also a man who owned a hairdresser salon and people threatened to kill him because it wasn’t acceptable for him to cut women’s hair! He moved to Syria and later invited me to work in his hair salon there.

As the situation intensified throughout the war, my shops were burnt down. Through the windows of my salon in Bagdad, I had seen what was happening on the streets. Many people were kidnapped by armed men. I also saw people being killed in front of my eyes. I didn’t see any future in my country and decided to leave and move to Syria. I cried when I was in the car leaving Iraq. This was my home and I was leaving it behind including the three stores that I owned in Bagdad, my fathers house and everything in it.

This story was written with information based on interviews.

Soon you can read more about what happened next in Noor’s life.