During the next two weeks, we will tell you the story of a strong woman we got to know, working on the project.

Childhood in Bagdad

My name is Noor and I was born in Bagdad in 1977. My mom died during my birth and left only me and my father. After she died, my father was upset and didn’t change anything in the house. Everything was as she used to have it. There were pictures of her everywhere on the walls. She had a good heart and liked fashion like me. My Father loved her!

Bagdad is a big city and during my early childhood, it was relatively peaceful there, but war was going on in other parts of the country. We saw the war in TV. Many families around me lost family members and there were funerals in the city all the time. I was always curious to know why things happened, and how.

My father was a special man. He was very educated, liked to read, traveled a lot and spoke several languages. He loved to listen to Beethoven and anything beautiful. I remember him telling me often: “Noor, don’t care about what other people say, listen to your heart and mind! Don’t worry about anything. If you want to do something, just do it!’’ My personality was shaped by this, but it was not easy to be that way growing up as a woman in Iraq. I would say what I felt and that wasn’t always acceptable. Even though my father had an open mind, he also knew that he had to prepare me for the reality of the life of a women in Iraq.

This story was written with information based on interviews.

You can read more about Noor’s story in a few days!