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Kathleen and the coordinator, Elizabeth were there when I arrived at the airport. Kathleen is like family to me and I love her. I see her every day and she has played an important role helping me feel more at home. Within a few days I was enrolled in school to learn English, had a library card and a bank account. My life in Canada had really started. Life was hard at first because of the differences in language and culture. In the beginning of my time here, I often walked by a cute coffee shop. I thought it must be a nice place, but I couldn’t go inside because I didn't speak English. I had to learn a new alphabet and a different way of reading.

I love to sit by myself at the beach or a river and listen to the sound of the water alone, just the water and me. Back in Iraq, I used to take my music, some food and let someone take me for a ride by boat. I spent hours on the water. I told it my secrets, my pain, the things that I couldn’t tell anyone. The sound of the water cleansed everything; it ́s just beautiful.

One day, I want to go to Paris. My dream is to become a designer there. I love making pretty things and want to share their beauty with others. I have an eye for beauty and when I go into a store, I love picking out the beautiful things. When you believe something is beautiful, you can show other people it’s beauty. This is what I’m passionate about.

This story was written with information based on interviews.

Noor ’s story really touched me. She is full of life, enthusiastic and positive, despite all that she has experienced in her life. Noor has learned a lot and is now able to help other people arrive in Canada. Thanks to her help in translating, the newcomers have a much easier time making Canada their home than she did.