We are working on a project which is focused on refugees and the challenges in their lives. Sometimes I ask  myself, “ what am I actually doing and does it really matter?”

The longer we work on the project, the more I believe it matters.

We are not caring for the daily needs of people or building long term relationships because we were only here for a few months but instead we are telling stories of heroes, maybe like you, which need to be told! Stories about people who care and connect with refugees to make them feel welcomed. People who invested their time, maybe for  years, before mainstream was talking about the refugee crisis. People who gave a lot without expecting to get back. People who stayed up late and got up early in the morning. People who fought for individuals and cared for them like they were a part of their family. People who went on when many others gave up because they didn´t see success. People who patiently cared far beyond their cultural boundaries. People who were open to partner with new people even though they didn´t know if they will stay engaged after the first excitement is gone. People who risked opening their homes and hearts and never gave up.

I met a lot of these people in the last years and weeks. I want to tell you that I'm proud of you, we are proud of you! We care about and need you! I met people from cultures where family is everything, and they naturally called YOU a part of their family!

Even when no one thanks you enough  for everything that you do, God sees it and he will reward you someday because you care for the ones who are important to him!