Act for Peace is based out of Australia and their Ration Challenge this year is to bring people together to participate in eating rations for a week in June. The purpose is to raise awareness of the food shortages in Jordan refugee camps.

Those who decide to partake in the challenge are able to choose to do this individually or as a team. When they sign up and if they live in Australia then a package of food is shipped for $26. Inside the box is “420g. of rice, 170 g. of lentils, 85 g. of dried chick peas, 125 g. of tinned sardines, 400 g. of tinned kidney beans, 300 ml. of vegetable oil, ration coupons for flour and rice and badges” that participants can wear to show their support for the ration challenge. Participants who live outside of Australia and are unable to receive their ration box are able to purchase the food at their local grocery store and read about the challenge online.

The participants are asked to share the ration challenge with their family members and friends whom are challenged to participate and invest in the the persons’ efforts to complete the ration challenge. When the participant raises $200, then they are able to earn  “8 tea bags, $300 a vegetable (170 g.) of their choice, $500 for 70 g. of extra protein, $700 for 50 g. of sugar and $1,000 is a bonus item of up to $5.00!” to their weekly rations. The earning potential shows how refugees in camps “make and sell handicrafts” in refugee camps to buy extra food outside their allotment.

The participants must pledge that they will abide by the rules and stick to their goals unless emergency situations or illnesses come up.

“The rules are:

  1. I know that the Act for Peace Ration Challenge works on an honesty policy.

  2. I will eat only the contents of the Ration Challenge pack plus rice and flour from my coupons and earned rewards.

  3. I will only drink water during the week.

  4. I commit to doing my best to raise a minimum of $500 by 30 June.

  5. The Ration Challenge begins with my first goal on Sunday 19 June and end when I wake up on Sunday 26 June-not at midnight on the 25 June”

If compelled, grab a couple of friends or family members and join Act for Peace in an effort to provide emergency and sustainable food and business education for refugee families in India, Thailand and Ethiopia.

Check out the challenge page and make sure to read all the rules. A plus is “all donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be sent by email”

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