Today Judith, Emylee and I are all saying goodbye to Brantford. After six months of travelling and adventuring (three months in Kona, Hawaii, two weeks in Papua New Guinea and three months in Canada) with lots of great experiences, fun, laughter and meeting some of the most amazing people on this planet, our internship here has come to an end. Today, we are all saying goodbye to Brantford, which has been our home for the last three months and to all our friends here. We have built close relationships and are sad to be leaving. But we are also looking forward to the time ahead of us.

No worries though! It´s not the end of the blog. We have tons of stories we would like to share with you over the next nine months. So keep following this blog because the stories are worth reading. We hope that each story will inspire you to get in touch with displaced people and invite them into your lives.

Time has been flying, but we have all learned so much over the past weeks. We can not even tell you how thankful we are! We are thankful for went to every single person who shared their story with us. We appreciate it and don’t take it for granted.  

We are thankful for every person who opened their doors and welcomed us in here in Brantford.

Thanks for everyone who connected us to refugees, without you, this project would not have even begun.

A special thanks to Jonathan and Layne, our leaders, who made us feel at home here in Brantford. We share many memories such as a picnic in the living room on rainy days, game nights, dinners at Jon´s and Layne´s and fun field trips. Hanging out with them were always the best moments and they encouraged us when things were tough.

And a big thanks to YOU! Thank you for showing interest in this project, for reading this blog and for following our journey. You are a big part of Status: Welcomed.

Emylee is going to Michigan to hang out with a close friend. Then she will fly back to Washington state to visit her family, work in retail and continue her business, Desired One Photography. Finally, Emylee will be traveling back to Kona, Hawaii to staff Voice for the Voiceless Discipleship Training School. She will have one-on-ones with students, teach photography, and co-lead a small group and outreach. If your interested in learning more about her trip, visit Voice for the Voiceless Staff

Judith is going to Toronto and visiting a friend for a week. After that she will go back to Germany to help with the wedding of her friend and figure out her next steps.

Michaela is flying back to Kona, Hawaii where she will travel the island with two friends and take pictures, pictures and more pictures for a week. After that she will fly home to Germany and find a job as a nurse in her favorite place, Freiburg.