We hope your weekend was full of family, friends and fun. Ours was for sure!

Talking about family and friends, the three of us have been apart from our families and friends at home quite a long time now. Being separated from our loved ones can be a little hard from time to time. We are grateful though for our newly found family and friends in Brantford.

Jonathan and Layne Grime, our leaders, have opened their cozy apartment and prepared dinner for us every Wednesday to invite us for family dinners and game nights. Our favorite game is Settlers. Sometimes all you need is good friends and delicious food!

Hanging out with Jonathan and Layne is so much fun. They are great hosts and we love to spend time with them. We are thankful beyond words for what they do for us!

They are not only great mentors and leaders but friends for life. They are gifted in many different ways from photography to teaching to writing books, to blogging, ETC!

We love you!