Brantford is filled with young and old. You can see them walking along the river or driving down the busy streets. On the occasional sunny day, ice cream drips down children’s faces, teens skate in parks and grandparents ride their motorcars. My favorite places are Blue Dog, Jono and Laynie [Photo and Film], Why Not? and the Brantford River.

Blue Dog is cozy with comfortable chairs, educational books and artwork. The espressos and loose-leaves teas fill the air. Conversations carry on in the well-lit cafe. I love being able to read and work on my laptop while sipping a cappuccino.

Jono and Laynie [Photo and Film] is operated out of a photo studio. Photographs of beautiful weddings, darling couples and colorful flowers decorate the walls while office chairs, desks and computers fill their office. They enjoy being creative and capturing moments in lifestyle, wedding and editorial and travel. I love being welcomed into their warm environment and learning about the art of photography.

Why Not? is an organization for teenagers. They are able to eat meals, play board games or video games and hang out in a safe environment. The staff are able to meet the needs of the teens and lend a listening ear. I’ve been able to play Apple to Apples, read stories authored the teens and talk over meals.

Brantford River is beautiful with budding trees, blooming flowers, and geese. My peaceful space is beside the river with tree branches above and camera in hand.

Brantford is not the most spectacular place in the world but it has some of the best people. They are friendly, hospitable and greet you with a smile. They help you with whatever you need from the small to large things.