Over the past few weeks, we have had the privilege to work with Micah House, located in Hamilton, Ontario. The organization gives refugees a home to stay in for the first few months they arrive and specific assistance on what paperwork to fill out to stay in Canada. They also receive attention from staff which gives them a feeling of safety in their vulnerable state. Even after they have moved out, the staff of Micah House intentionally cares for them and their progress.

We have had the chance to meet the founder and staff and are so appreciative of what they are doing and how they love and give intentionally to others.It has been incredible to spend time with them and hear their heart for justice.

Last week, Micah House organized a Walkathon to raise $10,000 Canadian for newly arrived refugees with the motto “Friends on the Move.” People walked for an hour in a beautiful park and drank coffee, juice and ate barbecued food and treats all provided by the organization.

Young and old gathered together to bring support.

Donations are always welcomed at Micah House and it is definitely a great project to support. If you are interested in sponsoring the refugees, please, visit their websit.