Judith, Michaela and I (Emylee) attended a Welcome Party in Paris, Ontario, on April 16, 2016. The party was for two refugee families and hosted by CORE Refugee Project.

CORE Refugee Project with the partnership of various churches, opened their hearts and homes to two new families, in February of this year (bsscene.ca). Staff and volunteers donated their time to clean the house and prepare for their arrival. They stepped out into the unknown and welcomed in strangers.

Their willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ showed at the Welcome Party. The tables were lined with coffee and goodies, the volunteer table had friendly staff to assist guests and the seats were full with young and old. The speeches were filled with honor, love, compassion and community.  

The two families, “Al-Hemwi, his wife Raeda, daughter Shaza and sons Nasser and Aboudi along with Omar Al-Kaddah and his mother Manwah…”  looked at ease as they smiled, hugged and shook hands with guests of the party (brantnews.com).

The organization’s continual presence in the families’ lives show how relationships are important for the integration of the two families and more to come.

Please click on the link if you want to get involved with the organization or invest in CORE’s Vision.


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