You may be wondering what are the 52 challenges? The 52 challenges were created by Idun, Bethan and Catherine for the purpose of having not just yours but our hearts engaged in changing communities over the next 52 weeks through “small gestures of hospitality.”

The 52 challenges is really about overcoming fear and going the extra mile to make someone else feel more loved, comforted and cared for. In these small actions of hospitality, we are able to make a person’s day less stressful and a little more joyful.

We are able to make amends and welcome in refugees and migrants. You and our team are able to extend our love through baking cookies, talking over coffee or carpooling to a grocery store. Additionally, we are able to learn about people’s families and culture through small actions. Take part with us in this journey and share with us your experiences. Our team will work on and blog about as many as possible in the three months while we are here in Canada. Click on the link to join us:

Please share your experiences with us. Email us at or comment below.