Ethan is an eight years old boy who has a bright smile, brilliant mind and energetic spirit. He has juvenile arthritis but he doesn’t allow the illness to stop him from doing the things he loves. Last year, he raised $10,000 during a lemonade stand fundraiser event and $6,000, this year.

On the day of the event, Ethan greeted new customers with smiles and handed them cups of lemonade when they placed donations in the box. Volunteers sold raffle tickets for the silent auction of donated gift certificates and gift baskets. Firefighters, paramedics, and police officers toured children through their service vehicles. Children enjoyed face painting, sword fighting and jewelry making and met princesses, superheroes and a captain. Everyone was so thankful for lemonade to quench their thirst and friendly service.

Ethan and his family are positive, humble and compassionate people. They inspire others to follow their passions and to do the impossible. Through their example, they teach others how to use the resources available to them and to invite others into the process.

This one act which required coordination, perseverance and dedication, reaped the benefits for the children with juvenile arthritis. Their choice inspired me to dream and ask, how can one event, decision, and action impact others? We are able to help others with the small decisions that we make.