In June, I had the opportunity to go to New York City with Michaela and Judith. We photographed Rockefeller Center, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Central Park and Times Square. The sights were beautiful and food was tasty.

On the last day, we all split up to have some time to explore or revisit previous sights. I payed tribute and captured the beauty of the St. Paul’s Chapel, One World Trade Center, and the World Trade Center Memorial Fountain. I was thankful for the time to remember those whom were lost in 9/11.

A few hours later, I took the metro to the Washington Square Park. As I walked into the park, I was stunned by the colors that Hani Shihada, fifty-nine years old, was using on a cardboard like surface. He told me that he grew to love art by studying the Renaissance. He didn’t attend school but learned on his own. 

Shihada has created artwork for the past thirty-one years. His past wasn’t so easy as he became a refugee in Jordan after he lived through many wars in Jerusalem and lost two brothers because of them. But now he continues to press forward and look at the positive impact that his artwork makes daily. 

If you want more information about him or his work, visit his page.