I (Emylee)  had the privilege to volunteer at a youth organization called, Why Not? in Brantford. I was so encouraged to watch the consistent staff hang out, serve, listen and talk with the youth. Why Not? has an open space for teenagers to decompress from their stressful weeks through a meal and fun activities such as video games, board games, Just Dance, karaoke and chalk.

As I reflect, I find life is messy and hard. When we were born on this earth, we were never meant to be perfect. We are all humans, prone to make mistakes. And in the end, the mess allows us to just be us. We are perfect in our imperfection and God loves our messes.

You and I will never have the perfect friends, homes, families, vacations or jobs. But we can enjoy the little blessings of every day. We can find thankfulness in our cozy beds, water from the sink to wash dishes, and dinner on our tables.

Photocredit: Cat