Over the past quarter, we have been learning about leadership development because we are all leaders in one way or another, wherever we stay in one place or travel the world. Therefore, I was grateful to attend the Business and Leadership Development Workshop hosted by Francis Becks Consulting on May 14, 2016. Lucas Duguid, Eustan Matthews, Christophe Ulysses, and Layne Beckner-Grime talked about their business and leadership experiences.

Lucus Duguid, the Founder/Creative Director of Octopus Red and Founder of Sophia’s Bakery and Cafe in Brantford, Ontario, inspired us through his story of how he founded his two companies. He gave advice such as to “avoid debt…to just say “yes” even when your tired…[and] to know your market.” He didn’t “beat around the bush” but said that there is a lot of screwing up in business…[but] people get back up 99% of the time.” Perfection is not a business model but trying and failing is.

Eustan Matthews, the Founder and Business Consultant of P3R Consulting GroupHouston provided us with information on business development. Some of his tips were to analyze sales, to have sales goals and to attend networking events. He challenged us to establish new relationships as we build our businesses.

Christophe Ulysse, Ordained Minister with Partners in Harvest, encouraged us to take time to find out the reason that we were born. He dared us to dream again and to seek purpose for this life. He gave us examples of two different people using cells; one that is secure and confident and the other which is insecure and gossips about his/her co-workers. He continued to ask about which would we like to be? How do we make changes in our lives to be better people?

Layne Beckner-Grime, the Co-founder of Jono and Laynie Photography and Founder of Francis Becks Consulting spoke about social media. She taught us how to be consistent, gain exposure and continue to update our content on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin. She left us with these words, “[you] can’t grow without pushing yourself.”

The workshop changed my perspective on how to lead effectively and how to conduct business with integrity. I learned how to challenge myself to dream big and to include others in the process. Failure will be in my future as Deguid pointed out but as long as I pick myself up and continue on then I will be fine and so will you.

   Photo Credit:  Jonathan Grime

Photo Credit: Jonathan Grime