We just finished packing up our office, and are now ready to fly out tomorrow morning - headed straight to Auckland. 

It's been a long stretch here in Canada but has gone surprisingly fast. We've written and crossed off numerous items from various to-do lists, had hours of conversation about how we would attempt to put together our website and who would take on which responsibility. 

Needless to say, it felt good to take down all of our lists and deadlines a couple of days ago as we cleaned up our office space and transformed it from our workstation into a normal, blank-walled room as we found it 3 months ago. 

We thought we would include a couple photos to prove just how many lists we had highlighted and completed - and then celebratory ones as we're done! 

Of course, there's still small steps of preparation to be done as we continue to work out travel plans, speaking engagements and other on the ground details - but for now we're celebrating the end of the Canada preparation season and looking forward to moving into a season of sharing what we've been working hard to create. 

As we fly out we start a short week's break to rest up and recover from jet lag before our first presentation in Auckland on Tuesday the 6th October.