It's hard to believe but we have only three short days left in Canada. 

We've had a busy summer of preparation; getting this website up and running, choosing, editing and printing photos for our exhibition and other miscellaneous jobs such as screen printing our tote bags. 

However, we've also had a lot of fun spending time with the people who have become our Brantford family and who have made our time in Canada particularly enjoyable.  We've been invited out for meals, gone on day trips, had coffee dates and enjoyed conversation. 

A few days ago Layne and Hannah put on our final goodbye party - a fancy indoor picnic. Most of those who have a special place in our heart were able to make it and we celebrated our friendship and the closure of our time in Canada with lots of laughter, memories from Track and a photobooth. 

Canada has worked it's way into our hearts through these wonderful people and we're blessed to know them.