Today is the day folks. Today is the official end-date of our Tour. Today, we finish with our last presentation and we finish tying lose ends for Status:Welcomed. If you've been with us and following us from the start, today is as victorious day for you as it is for us. Perhaps over the upcoming months we'll gain the words to describe these past 21 months of travels, adventures, tears and creating Status:Welcomed. Until then, whilst it will still take a while to adjust to everything coming to a close, we'll end with saying a simple thank you. Thank you for being a part of this too. 

We want to clarify what will happen to Status:Welcomed now, so if that's a question on your mind, read on. All along we've designed Status:Welcomed to be something that exists without us. We have put a lot of effort into making our movement un-exclusive and allowing people to use Status:Welcomed however they like in order to reach refugees in their community. As we have Toured, we've asked people for far more than money. We've asked people for change. We've asked people to engage in adjusting their lifestyle to intentionally noticing and interacting with refugees. We hope that this call will live on far beyond this project we've made. 

If you would like to use Status:Welcomed to build relationships with asylum seekers or refugees, it's still yours for the taking. Our 52 Week Challenge will make a great New Years resolution for 2016. Our hospitality Bible study is still online as a great way to begin discussions with a group. Feel free to email us too, either to our Status:Welcomed account or to our individual email addresses (if you'd like to reach one of us specifically). We'll keep our website online because we think it's a great resource for finding stories, prayer points, links to other organisations and accessing our videos. We'll also continue to use our Facebook account from time to time, so if you come across news articles or interesting feeds relating to the welcoming of refugees, we'd be keen to hear those so we can share that with our Facebook community. Particularly if Status:Welcomed kindles any interest in you where you'd like to get involved, feel free and encouraged get in touch.  

For everything, thank you again.