We're in the last few days of our Tour and are often asked what we each hope to do after this is all finished. In a few days time we'll tell you what will happen to Status:Welcomed once Tour has ended, but for now we're going to talk about us.

We, Cat, Beth and Idun, have been friends for 21 months (and one day, to be precise). We've worked together, rested together, studied together, travelled together, cooked together, eaten together, vacationed together, laughed together, cried together, created together and explored the globe together. Never in my life have I related to a friend throughout so many shared aspects of life. It has cultivated rich and relevant relationships between the three of us. Though we'll soon be geographically separated, I don't expect the distance to be able to steal how close this journey has brought us. Let me paint you a picture of what life will look like for each of us soon...

otherwise known as Cat

Conveniently for Cat, we end our Tour in Mareeba (Northern Queensland) where her family lives. She'll stay with her family for a little under a month over Christmas time. At the start of 2016 she'll roadtrip back down Australia's East Coast to Melbourne, where she feels most at home. She'll find a place to live there with friends and find work to begin building her life there. 

If you'd like to get in touch with Cat at any point, you can email her at: 

otherwise known as Doon

Idun will fly back to her home in Norway a little before mid-December where she'll spend Christmas with her family. Out of the three of us, she is the only one who already has future travel plans in place. She'll spend New Years in one of her favourite cities, Copenhagen. After resting a little, she'll find work to save more money towards her next step. She hopes to do a further school with YWAM.

If you'd like to get in touch with Idun at any point, you can email her at: 

otherwise known as Bethel

Beth will head home to England at mid-December where she'll spend Christmas with her family. She plans on taking a few months out to rest and seek debriefing. In this time she hopes to share Status:Welcomed with her home Church as well as to another congregation elsewhere in England. Like Idun, Beth is also thinking about continuing with YWAM later in 2016.

If you'd like to get in touch with Beth at any point, you can email her at: 

Those of you who've been with us from the start, and those of you we've met along the way, thank you sincerely for your interest in each of us. Here's a handful of photos of us. If you'd like to see more, have fun exploring the travel diary corner of our site.

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