We could write here about God's lavish portions of grace that aids us on Tour, but instead we want to talk here about the person Grace: Grace Cordero. We introduced you to Grace back in New Zealand when she joined us in Wellington for our Tour. She is our faithful ally and will be with us to the finish line, and frankly, we just want to boast about her a bit. 

Just a reminder of what Grace is doing with us... She is with us to be an extra pair of helping hands. She is fully a part of our team and fully part of our Tour and most of all, she's a friend. She helps us with our speaking logistics, setting up and setting down, taking photos for us and manning our merchandise table (we're raising money to give to refugee aid organisations). She has day-to-day roles too, like keeping us fed and taking care of hospitality.

Thoroughly, we're thankful for Grace. Beyond the ways that she (sacrificially) serves Status:Welcomed, she adds so many good things to our team. She spurs us on and at times when we're weary, she encourages us. She is intelligent, independent, thoughtful, honest, life-giving and fun. She is oh so fun! We love her sense of adventure and her courage to come out here and join us for this final stint of our Track. She watches Friends with us and eats sushi with us. 

We are so thankful for what Grace adds to our team and to our Tour. 

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