Between spending hours on the road (at best accompanied by good music, good company and sugar) and staying at places with no wifi, it's been a while since you've heard from us. Here, we'll give you a little catch up on where we geographically are, where we our in our Tour and how things are generally going. Let's start with the latter.

Things are going well. We are happy living alongside each other, feeling encouraged about the value of our Tour and doing our best to recharge whilst constantly on the move. We are enjoying everything 'Status:Welcomed' about our Tour. The times we've spoken have felt worthwhile and at every venue we've had feedback from at least one person who has felt moved towards action. Those people make it all count. We've each found our groove with our presentations, becoming well practiced at what we say. After each time we speak we open up for questions and those times have proven to be unique and interesting opportunities to hear what people are asking and to notice themes in people's queries and doubts.

And where are we now? Precisely, we are in Byron Bay where we'll be for a few days. Later this week we head further North up the coast to Brisbane which is about halfway up the East coast. We've already had stops in Melbourne, Heathcoat and Sydney. We're diligently jotting down our miles/kilometres ready to impress you at the end of our Tour. Half of us has had to learn to drive on the opposite side of the road. We are also avidly stopping at every novelty statue we find, again we'll wow you with that collection later on. Just half an hour ago we stood beneath a gigantic banana.

Coming up in the next few weeks, we'll head to Noosa (after Brisbane), to Townsville, to Cairns and eventually to Mareeba. That's where Cat's family lives.

Thanks for following our journey so faithfully. Though there are four of us on the road, we're in regular contact with our wider Status:Welcomed family and beyond that we're cheered on by hundreds who believe there is something worthwhile about what we're doing. It's quite the humbling honour.