Sunset sky.jpg

We have just come to the end of our break week - 5 full days of day trips and beautiful scenery to help us over our jet lag and give ourselves a little bit of rest before we jump straight into our full schedule for tour. 

After arriving at 4:30am we got ourselves sorted - picking up our rental car (Oh are we going to spend hours upon hours in this car!) and buying a GPS (our new best friend for the month).

A local couple offered to host us and have blessed us enormously by their excitement and love of the Auckland area, showing us around and giving us tips for our explorations, as well as sending us down to their beach house (or as they call it here - a bach) for a couple of days. 

Although it's been less than a week since we arrived we have seen black sand beaches, a waterfall, sunset and a super moon, sunrise several times (thank you jet lag), long winding roads surrounded by green hills/mountains and explored some of Auckland's inner city as well.

Our favourite Layne Grime also arrived a couple days into our break and will be here to support us behind the scenes throughout our first week of presentations. We couldn't have imagined a more perfect way to start our tour.