One of the highlights of our week at the moment is Friday mornings. On Friday mornings we take off to a coffee shop, set up our laptops and take out our bibles as Beth readies the notes that she's been working on that week. Beth is our School of Biblical Studies graduate who passionate about the bible and willing to share some of her knowledge.. so we take advantage of that.

Although we have a busy week and it can sometimes feel stressful to add something to the schedule, Friday are a refreshing way to break up the routine and focus on something that is far more than just a track task or to-do list. It's a chance when we get to spend time together studying the bible and learning how to do so in an effective way. It's much more lasting than oh-so-many of our tasks that fill the to-do lists and walls of our office and we're grateful to have these periods of time tucked away in the corner of a coffee shop together.