At this point in track we're starting to see some progress in all of our plans.It's exciting. We also still have a long way to go.. but I don't want to focus on that tonight.

Slowly, but surely, we're seeing results in the different ares of our planning and I (Cat) have found it quite encouraging. There's decisions that have been decided; we now have a name, a logo, photos chosen for our exhibition (did we even mention that was a part of our project yet?), ordered some of our merchandise and our business cards.

It's easy for us to look at the whole of the project and feel overwhelmed by the entirety of it and how much we need to get done by the end of next month when we finish up here in Brantford, but I've been realising that if I look at the small deadlines that we've already met and the small steps along the way rather than everything at once - it becomes much easier to handle.

Actually, I think we're all on a similar page - Beth wrote a blog about it just the other day (you can have a read here) as well.