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I (Idun) just want to take some time to talk about my two wonderful team mates, Beth and Cat.

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Since they are the writers of the team and usually write the longer pieces on this blog they haven't really had anything written about themselves, so I guess now 15 months into the school it's time for that to happen.

I just have to start by saying that I have been so blessed by these two girls on this track, and I can't imagine what this past year would be without them. They both bring so many good qualities to the team, and I feel so lucky to have been able to live alongside them for this long. They are both so encouraging, committed, adventurous, talented and hardworking.

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Some of my favorite things about Beth:

  • She has such a good sense of humor
  • She loves the Bible and when she talks about it I feel inspired
  • She is so wise and has a lot of good things to share
  • She loves to sweep
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Cape Point

Some of my favorite things about Cat:

  • She loves hugs
  • She is so thoughtful
  • She make you feel important and is amazing at listening
  • She is quick to offer to do things and good at making things happen
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And now that we are back in Brantford putting our project together I have again been reminded of how valuable these two are to the team. They make this whole project possible, and on top of that they make it fun.

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