Hello all! I am Hannah. It’s probably about time I wrote on the team blog…hehe.

I staff on the girl’s track under the wonderful Jon & Layne Grime.  I like to call myself their right-hand man as my staffing duties consist of many different things. My track talents include coordinating, communicating, lots of paperwork, finances, discipleship, event planning, aaaand giving great hugs. Layne even had me take over as the school leader for our Hawaii portion which was such a great experience.

As you know, we are all back in Brantford now working on the project.  The girls are buckled down, working hard, and busy, busy, busy!  In this time, I’m helping out with planning fundraisers, some website stuff, research, button making, and video editing.  I’m sure more will come up but that’s it for now!  My goal in this quarter is to help the girls as much as I can but also have so much fun and cherish these last few months together (cue the tears…bah).  I’m very attached if you couldn’t tell.

Anywho, I will say goodbye for now. Until next time!