From our last blog posts it might seem like the only thing we do here in Brantford is work. And it is true that we work a lot, but this week especially we've been able to squeeze in some fun stuff as well.

Sunday was Hannah's birthday, so we all went on a scavenger hunt around Brantford that Layne had put together for us earlier that week. It was maybe the hottest day we've had since being back, but we had a lot of fun and the scavenger hunt ended at a local ice cream place, so that made the long day in the sun worth it.

Every Wednesday evening Jon and Layne invite us over for family dinner, and we usually end up playing games, sharing stories or just hanging out. This Wednesday Jon made us dinner and even though we all weren't able to stay for the whole evening, we still had a really good time. Family dinners are always a highlight of the week.

Thursday night some of us went to a drive in theatre close to Hamilton, and it was such a fun night. We brought chairs, tons of blankets and picked up some snacks on the way. There wasn't a cloud on the sky, so we sat under the stars watching movies until 1:30 am.

And Friday was pizza and movie night with Layne. It's been a fun week!