If any of you have done a Discipleship Training School, you will have read a book titled 'Is That Really You, God?', right? These past two weeks we have been privileged to have been taught by Janice Rogers who was instrumental in putting together the above book. We've been working through a shortened version of the writing seminar that Janice runs numerous times each year in different locations and hearing a lot about the behind-the-scenes of the process that she went through with writing Loren's first book with him.

What we've learned is that storytelling is an art. It's not simply a bunch of words strung together to create a story - there's far more thought put into the process than that.

Over the past two weeks we've each taken a short story from Track that we felt will be useful in our tour speaking engagements and written it, done some self-editing and had some insight from Janice as to further editing that we could do.

We've learned that it's important to let loose your creative side when writing your first draft, then reigning it in for the next steps and looking at it all critically to tighten up the areas that need details added or taken out, improve characters who aren't fully formed, switch up the order of things or pick out wording that could be enhanced.

As one of our focuses is on telling the stories that we've heard throughout the past 14 months both through photography and speaking, these past weeks have been very valuable. It's been challenging and pushed outside of our comfort zones, but we're better off because of it and we'll end up with a better end product because of it.

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