Most of my communication back home begins something like this: "So, where are you in the world again?" And so folks, in case you need it, here is a bitesize catch-up of where we are in our travels and in our school.

  • We are 14 months through our 21 month Around the World Track (we'll end mid-December, 2015)
  • We spent one year travelling within five continents, researching injustices with our cameras in hand
  • Right from the start we have focused our research on refugee and displacement issues, a theme we're still carrying and championing
  • Our time of collecting relative footage/stories/information ended in April 2015, now we're compiling what we're gathered ready to present it to the masses on our Tour (October to December 2015)
  • We have spent these last three months in Hawaii learning about effective ways to present the footage we've gathered ready for our Tour
  • Here in Hawaii we have studied: identity, interpersonal communications, advocacy, web-design, public speaking and writing
  • We have a short break coming up (the end of June) where we'll rest and catch up with friends in USA's mainland
  • From July 4th we'll begin part 2 of our tour preparation in Canada. The difference with this upcoming quarter is that we won't have lectures (except a few Bible teachings) and will focus the majority of our time preparing for tour
  • Upcoming decisions ready for tour look like: creating and publishing our website, dreaming up our project name/brand/logo/design, ordering merchandise, choosing the photos/stories we want to tell, printing our photos for a travelling exhibition and speech writing. (Watch this space!)

Thank you for following our travels. We're surrounded by a diverse, international family that are rooting for us and spurring us on with wisdom and enthusiasm. In faith we believe God has good things for us up ahead!

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