These past few weeks our teachers have been our very own, favourite Track 'Parents', Jon and Layne Grime, flown in from Canada. It's a treat for us to be able to spend time with them here in Kona because it's such a different setting to the Brantford life where most of our relationship has been formed. We've traveled with them one other time (Israel and Jordan) but it's been special to have time to adventure in Hawaii: to stand up paddle board, to hike to more remote beaches and to watch movies and numerous sunsets together.

As far as classes go.. Layne has enlightened us on the subject of interpersonal communication, Jon is leading us as we think through what we will be producing and using our photos and stories for in the end and both of them are helping to steer us in the right direction as we put together our website.


These weeks are geared very much toward how we will go about sharing the stories that we've heard and asking God about what His plans are for the sobering facts that we've learned over the past year. We're in a planning, dreaming stage of track - where we get to discover and start to execute the ideas that God has been planting in us over the past year, and how we're going to share that with the people that we come in contact with during the rest of track.


One of the ways that we're going to share these stories is through our long-awaited, two month tour towards the end of the year. We're in the process of planning all of the events, different aspects of our presentations and exactly which cities on which dates - which we will officially announce in the not-too-far future!

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