As most of you have caught on I'm sure, this quarter we have been blessed to have Hannah fill the role of school leader. For the time that we are in Kona she is taking on a lot of responsibility and has already been working months in advance to make sure that we have a smooth quarter. Some of the things that she has been/is doing for us and that we greatly appreciate are:

3. tutoring with Hannah colour

- Paperwork - Finances - Having us over for family night once a week (although we pester her on a more regular basis than that!) - Driving a giant van so we can go places (Parking the giant van!) - More paperwork - Making sure we have the right amount of classes and finding wonderful speakers for all of them - Creating a schedule for our busy weeks - Even more paperwork.... She's a trooper!


Although she is one person she manages to sit in on our classes and participate most of the time, complete the numerous forms that the base requires for everything that we do, spend one-on-one time with each of us and organise fun activities for us to do on the weekends.

We love her because she is so servant-hearted! We love her because she fights for good things for us. We love her because she is an amazing encourager and writes us notes. We love her because she is fun! We love her because she loves God and examples living a life of faith. We love her because she buys us snacks and treats. We love her because she is a good photographer and is willing to teach us tips and tricks. We love her because she is enthusiastic about life. We love her because she has a ton of track wisdom!