As Cat mentioned in the last blog post, we have arrived in Hawaii. We started school right away and we are already on our second week of lectures. This week the topic is identity. The quality of teaching has been really high so far, and I think this quarter will prepare us for the rest of track, especially tour.

When I was thinking about these 3 months and the lectures we were going to have, I mainly thought that the important topics would be topics like public speaking and how to communicate though social media, but I now understand that there are so many topics that need to be talked about and understood before we can even start thinking about how to present our product to anyone. One really important one we are learing about this week is realizing who we are as individuals and who we are as communicators. It's a topic that requires us to be vunerable and that's not always that easy, but God has been so faithful to us so far, and he won't stop now.