Team times, Track reunions, jet-lag, movie nights, surprise parties, night buses, Western Paraguay, Eastern Paraguay, rural life, tribal living, broken English, Spanish attempts, washing-lines, washing dishes, dirt dyed feet, thunder storms, four wheel drive, starry nights, moon gazing, power cuts, electric fans, fresh honey, good coffee, local beer, mate tea, sugarcane snacks, French toast, French braiding, no-bakes, left-overs, queso queso queso, river dips, ukulele loaning, kids company, bumpy roads, humid days, exotic bites, wasp stings, ants on my pillow, ants on my laptop, ants on our bread, bathroom toads, roosters crowing, dog fights, dog threats, early mornings, Ache Church, best week.

Now, we Track are in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, for our final two weeks of outreach. (After this, we have a wee break before embarking on six months of learning about advocacy and knitting together our final project, geographically shared between Hawaii and Ontario.) In accordance with the last few months, our time here has been planned by us as a team as we dreamed up, prayed over and liaised the details. We're happy to be working alongside a YWAM ministry called Operation Restoration that provides the street children of Bolivia with the option of food, housing, security and education. After having such a rich/sweet/worthwhile time in South Africa as a team, I felt cautious to expect the same from Paraguay. Pleasantly surprised, Paraguay turned out to be one of my favourite few weeks and a time that we all enjoyed. All that to say, I'm consequently expectant of our time here and of God's capability to serve us up something special.