Somehow on track we've spent a majority of our time on outreach in cities. The reason for that is most likely because we have been attempting to connect with relevant ministries and organisations, most of which have their headquarters in larger cities. That being said, we've had a few chances to spend a couple of days in different areas that are a little more rural – once in Thailand and a short time in Cambodia also. Those times have always stood out as experiences that were valuable, often making it onto our lists of highlights as we talk about our previous adventures. It was also these times that were rather spontaneous and birthed from an idea or word from God, which just enriches the experience all the more.

For this portion of outreach we are spending time living on the outskirts of a village community of the native Ache people of Paraguay. When you hear 'village community' I'm sure the picture that springs to mind is much more primitive than the reality – at least that's how it was for us. After catching a bus for just over 7 hours and then driving along some dirt roads in the dark we were shown to our accommodation. The 6 of us are staying in a guesthouse on the edge of the rest of the village, we've got electricity and running water as well as a flushing toilet. That's pretty luxurious! Being so far out of a city, we don't have wifi and that's been quite a nice break. We don't have the pressures of constantly replying to emails, updating people and have enjoyed being able to solely focus on the day-to-day activities that occur.

Coming into these weeks we were unsure exactly what we would be doing and even now we're taking things as they come as we serve in small ways that are asked of us but we have been beyond encouraged to be seeing multiple of the pictures God gave us in our time of preparation come to life as we seek out the stories to be told from this tribe.

I won't share too much of the history as I won't be able to do it justice - we're still learning a lot about it and filling in the gaps as we go – but I can tell you that when we prayed about where to go and what stories we should seek out those long months ago I never imagined that it would fit so perfectly together. Our desire to seek out stories of displaced people combined with the visions of jungle paths and forest tribes having their livelihoods taken from them have come to life as we live life for this short week among some of the friendliest people that we have come across. Their history is filled with persecution and injustice, yet despite the odds, are still existing in community today. Although there are so few people, as a community of people who love God and have seen many miracles over the years, it's a story that we are excited to share – a victorious one.

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