We have arrived and are having a great time here in Paraguay!

We arrived in Asuncion on the 26th of February and were finally reunited after a month apart. We were also pleasantly surprised by our pastoral visit from Layne and Hannah. They will be with us until Friday the 6th, and we have loved having them with us so far.

Since we arrived in Paraguay we spent a day in Asunción celebrating Eric's 26th birthday with pancake breakfast, games, cookies, a trip to a museum and a delicious dinner. Some also went to a blues festival that night. The day after that we woke up early to pack our bags, pick up some groceries and hop on the bus that would take us to a place 7 ½ hours outside of Asunción where we would be staying with a community of Aché people (one of Paraguay's indigenous groups) for around a week. We have now been here for three full days, and so far we are really enjoying it. The community have been really welcoming and they have a powerful story that we have been able to hear a little bit of already.