Hi World, this is Beth speaking. We Track are officially in four separate countries. I am in Nairobi, Kenya, where I’ll be staying for the most part of this next month. For me, choosing where to go for this wee self-led portion was an easy job. I’ve been dreaming of going to Kenya for years, long calling it my favourite country – admittedly somewhat naively for one who had never been. I’m still very much adjusting, feeling the small culture shocks that are natural when coming from South Africa, and impatient to feel more familiar with the local area. I adore being in a new place when you start to know your way around. Give me a week or so.

Here in Kenya I have seized the opportunity to volunteer in accordance with a passion of mine: anti-trafficking. As far as our school goes, our vision of gaining awareness of issues for refugees and of displacement so far hasn’t included the perspective of human trafficking. In its nature, it is displacing a human being for the purpose of profit and exploitation. Naturally I am still full of our Track questions that we’ve been carrying as we travel, and I hope that hearing more about trafficking will help me and my team understand better the devastation that displacement can reap. Whilst I am here I am working for HAART (haartkenya.org), an Awareness Against Human Trafficking NGO based in Nairobi. They have a current initiative called Arts to End Slavery (a2es.org), or A2ES, that is recruiting thirty artists across the globe to create pieces (art, photographs, poems, music) that communicate anti-slavery messages. Hopefully, I’ll be contributing a photograph towards the exhibitions that will be held in May. I will also be documenting the process of this initiative developing as well as helping out with some writing that needs to be done. I am so heartily passionate about the work that I’m doing here, but I am less so confident in my abilities. Fear not though, I hear that God is sufficient in our weaknesses.

Lupita Nyong'o

A few privileges that my time here so far has held has been receiving an orientation briefing about trafficking in Kenya, and attending an entrepreneurial class for rescued trafficking victims. I looked after the baby of the attendees as she took notes in the class – such a small act and such a joy. I am hopeful about my month here and already have that familiar stretching feeling that often supplements God’s will.

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