And so concludes, dear friends, our first outreach of 2015 to Cape Town, South Africa. For me, I’ll look back on this time and remember vast and wild nature, many train journeys, good (good, good) food, quality time with the Thomason family, shooting and editing video and the room to explore and enjoy this country as a team. I think I speak for more than just myself in saying that this past month contends as one of our favourite outreaches so far. I say this brimming with gratitude: it will be sad to leave. But, our next adventure is calling and what an adventure it promises to be. This upcoming month (from the 29th of January until the 26th of February) is like no other on our 21 month Track. It is time for our independent, ‘solo’ outreaches. We will all fly to separate countries that we’ve each chosen to go to. Our specifications for choosing these countries were: anywhere in the world. Rather vague! It is accidently quite organised of us that two of us will stay in Africa whilst two of us will be in South America. So here’s where we’ll all be on the map this next month:

- Eric will be in Windhoek, Namibia, where he is staying with some family and hopes to continue finding photo stories and video potential relating to refugees and the issues that they face.

- Idun will be in Quito, Ecuador, where she is spending her month volunteering as a photographer for a refugee aid organisation, visiting people and their homes.

- Cat will be in Santiago, Chile, where she too hopes to gather photo stories and further research refugee issues within this country.

- Bethan will be in Nairobi, Kenya, where she is volunteering for an anti-trafficking organisation and hopes to learn about the effects of displacement when it is deliberate and for profit.

This solo outreach is built to cultivate and encourage independence in each of us. It gives us opportunity to plan and lead our own outreach and to experience living in a new country as single entities rather than as a group. For those who pray, pray for us. Not that we’d survive, but that we’d thrive. Pray that our experiences persuade us closer to God and that we’ll each make friends and enjoy being a part of a new community. Pray that we’ll find what God wants us to see.

So you’ll be hearing from each of us from our separate countries for a while now. We’ll try to fill you in with what our experiences prove to hold; we’ll try to make sure we introduce ourselves.

I (Beth) recorded a week of our Track life here in South Africa to make a video-diary (watch this space), but for now, here are some stills from that footage...