Throughout all of Track there has been an emphasis on independence and leadership with each of us having been given different opportunities to plan certain parts of outreaches, book our own flights, take responsibility for certain areas of our team life (some finances, team meals, etc) and the obvious ones such as handing in assignments and showing up to our community service hours. However, we've always had one of our school/outreach leaders on hand, taking care of the behind-the-scenes details that would have been too much for us to handle as we learned to become a functional team. But as you've probably picked up by now, this is our first solo adventure. We've been planning and preparing for this outreach for quite a while now, all under the confident leadership of Idun. Although you've all heard about each of us in bits and pieces and have heard from us all through different blog posts, we thought we would take the time to share a few of the more specific things about Idun that makes her the wonderful leader that she is.

We appreciate 'Doon' because she:

- Has had a lot of traveling experience (which we continually benefit from)

- Communicates well, able to speak softly and kindly but still get her point across

- Is established in her identity and doesn't hide who she is

- Doesn't lord her leadership over others

- Loves ice cream

- Is soft hearted towards God and when telling of what God has done in her life

- Has self confidence but isn't proud; she is one of the most humble people that you'll meet

- Takes unique photos and has an eye for things that the rest of us completely miss

- Is able to make clear decisions, thoughtfully and quickly

- Leads by example and is willing to do jobs that those she is leading ought to do

- Is dedicated and a great example of a committed friend