Hello world, this is Beth, the English quarter of our Track family.

I write to you from the beginning of our second Outreach (stint of volunteering abroad) where we've gathered together as a team in South Africa after spending Christmases with each of our families. Here's an update on what the Track has brought us so far...

- We have been to 9 counties together within 4 continents.

- We've had two 'Lecture Phase' quarters (in Ontario, Canada) studying photography and video.

- We've completed one three-month Outreach (in Asia) and are just beginning our second.

- We have been on a tour of the Biblical sites of Israel, Jordan and Greece... potentially the most packed three-weeks of our Track.

- We've video-interviewed 15 people across the globe, as well as each other as we document our journeys.

- Some of our more exotic modes of transport have been by camel, moped, rickshaw, elephant, ferry, bamboo raft and tuk-tuk.

- Some of our favourite experiences have been biking to Burma, hiking up Table Mountain, moped-ing around a Greek Island and walking the ruins of Petra.

- Most of all, we have been exposed to people sharing their stories of displacement, homelessness and surviving as a refugee/illegal migrant. We are being persuaded to grow in compassion for these issues that have always seemed so far from home for each of us.

Now, we are spending the most part of January 2015 in Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa. We feel pretty grateful that our school occasionally drops by tourist destinations. The Guesthouse we're staying in is a short wander from the beach, although to be fair it is a great white shark infested beach. This Outreach is being led by Idun and has been planned by us as a team. Our biggest commitment at the moment is to create a promotional video for an organisation which seeks to empower marginalised asylum seekers and refugees. They're called Adonis Musati Project/AMP ( and were started in 2007 after a young Zimbabwean man (Adonis Musati) died of starvation whilst queueing in Cape Town to receive his asylum papers. As well as working alongside AMP, we're hoping to learn more about homelessness here and to join some other initiatives aimed at supporting refugees. Watch this space!

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