· Travelling through an airport with a ukulele gets you a lot on attention, love and new friends. Particularly with the airport staff. (Be prepared to play a song on request) · Pack lightly. Packing takes a long time when you have to be strategic and fit your stuff into every inch of your bag · I didn’t need the emergency blanket that I brought, or the thermal top, or the keyrings to make my keys pretty · Travelling with photographers means you get beautiful photos that you’re in, but it also means that your yawns, lazy days, chewing of food and shocking travel outfits are documented and at their disposal · Hard-boiled sweets melt in humidity and the ants will find them · You don’t have to be a child to get head-lice · What I’ve grown up calling normal can be extremely abnormal in another country (for example, toilet paper, eating with a knife and fork and women driving) · Generally, people are far more willing to let me take their photograph than I fearfully anticipate · Even the things you absolutely love can begin to feel like a chore when they’re associated with school work · Show people the photos you take of them, it adds a bit of personability to what can be a brief moment · The best place for a history lesson is in the country of origin, told by the people of that country · Mice can crawl under a mosquito-net den and into your bed · Healthy friendships aren’t defined by their lack of crappiness/disagreements/confrontation. They’re defined by how you both deal with those clashes · The art of shotting is helpful to avoid chewing an unbearable food that a host has given you · Despite not liking High School language lessons and dropping Geography and History as early as possible, it turns out I do love these subjects. I love to learn about cultures, to learn from history’s lessons and to fumble around learning new words and phrases in another’s language · My camera can get quite wet without breaking · Using my DSLR’s manual settings turned out to not be as scary as I thought. I can’t imagine taking a photo any other way · Church leaders in other countries don’t have a problem with spontaneously asking you to preach/teach/sing/dance/do a drama. Have something up your sleeve! · Don’t take a photo when a person doesn’t want you to. No matter how perfect that setting or moment was, you won’t be able to forget how selfish you were being when looking back at the photo · Sometimes you have to be painfully deliberate and militant in making sure you carry on having fun. Prioritise it; otherwise your teammates begin to feel like your business partners · Sometimes you can be right but (because of how you’ve gone about it,) still be in the wrong · When in an environment with an overload of social injustice, learn to appreciate and celebrate the small things (don’t fix your eyes on the big victories and get discouraged when they’re far-between)