Our time here in Brantford is quickly coming to an end for the year. When I stop to think about what our schedule is going to look like for the next 5 months, I have trouble believing that it's all going to fit! So to give you an idea of what the months hold, I thought I would give you a short overview of where we are going to be and when:

November – December 2014. In three short weeks we leave Brantford and head over to the Middle East. It's possibly one of the most jam-packed three weeks that we're going to have throughout all of Track – with Bible classes, visiting Biblical sites and fitting in a little bit of non-Biblical tourism as well. Starting in Israel, heading over to Jordan and then jumping to Greece, each for a week, we are excited to be traveling with Jon and Layne for the first time and meeting up with Caleb and Joni who will be joining to teach us!

Christmas. For a two week period over Christmas we have been blessed to split up and spend time with our families. It's been 8-9 months since most of us have seen our families and I know we're all looking forward to spending the holiday with parents and siblings.

January 2015. We reunite as a team in Cape Town, South Africa for our first month of outreach. This is the start of our student-lead and individual outreaches. Touching down on the 4th January, we are heading outside the city to a smaller town where we will be working alongside some NGOs that aid refugees. Wonderful Idun is our student leader for this month, and then again in March, so we have been busy planning everything under her supervision (details are coming along well!). Heading into this new part of Track we're anticipating a lot of new challenges but also have a lot of expectation that it will be one of the most amazing memories and triumphs.

February 2015. Once again we will spread out over the world. Each of us will be heading to a different country for our independent outreaches. This part of Track is going to challenge each of us in various ways as we head out on our own to work alongside ministries in countries that we feel lead to. It just so happened that we split up with two of us staying in Africa and the other two heading over to South America. We each have different plans for this month, but it's still outreach and we will all be working alongside more ministries!

March 2015. Reunited once again we meet in Paraguay for our last month of outreach. This month is back under Idun's capable student-leadership and we are actually planning on tackling two countries instead of one. Bolivia is our final destination after our first few weeks in Paraguay. Because it's the last part of outreach and a little bit further in the future, we don't have set plan yet or know exactly what it will look like, although we are planning on fitting in quite a lot!

Break and Hawaii. Just in case you are interested in knowing a couple more stops to our itinerary.. we have a break at the end of March (during which we may well end up splitting up again or vacationing somewhere together as a team), and then settle in Hawaii for a good three months.

Phew. So there you have it. Well done if you're able to get all of that straight – we still have a little trouble remembering what happens and when!

I know that I personally feel so overwhelmed with the way that God has been leading us and sorting out details of all kinds. It's so crazy to think of all that we are going to fit into the next months and that's not even the end of track. It's crazy and wonderful and I am so thankful to be given the opportunity to be a part of it!