The last time you heard from us, we were all heading out on our break week after having completed our three month Asia Outreach. We managed to cover a lot of ground as we split up, spreading out over 4 countries (Vietnam, India, USA, Canada) to meet up with various friends and family before arriving back here in Brantford, Canada. It's been back to scheduled classes and activities for us this past week - where we jumped into personality tests and discussing spiritual gifts. Through the help of our wise and enthusiastic speaker this week, I think we've all gained a better understanding of how we're wired, giving words and explanation to the reasons that we act and respond in specific ways.

Not only has it been a lot of fun to individually discover that how we react or feel in a certain situation is normal for our personality type, stepping back to see the big picture of how our team is formed and the strengths and weaknesses that we each bring to the table is so valuable! Now that we are more aware of our strengths and weaknesses we can understand more fully the ways in which we can help each other grow, challenge each other and just plain understand the general gist of where we're each coming from. I'm certain that this teaching is going to be a great tool for us throughout the rest of our track!

Alongside classes, we're back to volunteering in various places in the community and attending one of the local churches that we connected with in our first quarter. We're also loving spending more time with our wonderful track 'parents', Jon and Layne - Our weekly family dinners at their house are always a highlight.

Last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving (which we conveniently arrived back just in time for) and we were blessed to be invited to Jon's parent's house for their holiday celebration. Several of us enjoyed a large meal followed by a sweet afternoon walk together - we love the cooler, autumn weather! 9598607We have a busy quarter ahead of us, filled with exciting plans and as we get back into blogging regularly you'll be hearing a lot more about what we're doing! It's good to be back!