We are in our last location, in the last country on this outreach. I think we all are looking forward to having something other than rice for breakfast, washing our clothes and really seeing that they get clean and not having to pack our bags every other week to go to a new location. Outreach has been good, and this is definitely what we signed up for on this track, but after 3 months on the road you get tired. But even if outreach is tiring I think it's so important to remember how lucky we are. We are traveling as a part of our degree. We are taking pictures as a part of our degree and we get to meet new people every day as a part of our degree. I don't think you will find that many other places.

We have been so blessed on our trip across Asia. We have had some sweet times together as a team and we have made some good memories together that we will never forget. We have seen many places and worked with some amazing ministries along the way.

We started outreach strong, and I hope it will end the same way. So here's to the last two weeks. May they be filled with a lot of laughter, joy, new experiences and thankfulness for what we have been blessed with so far.